Top 10 Cited

Top 1

Edge detection techniques for image segmentation

R Muthukrishnan, M Radha

Top 2

Diagonal Based Feature Extraction for Handwritten Alphabets Recognition System Using Neural Network

J.Pradeep, E.Srinivasan and S.Himavathi

Top 3

Security threats on cloud computing vulnerabilities

TS Chou

Top 4

Common Phases of Computer Forensics Investigation Models

RIZH Yunus Yusoff

Top 5

Hybrid GPS-GSM localization of automobile tracking system

MA Al-Khedher

Top 6

Segmentation and object recognition using edge detection techniques

Y Ramadevi, T Sridevi, B Poornima, B Kalyani

Top 10

Information security risk analysis methods and research trends: AHP and fuzzy comprehensive method

MC Lee
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